What is the database state?

The ‘database state’ is what we call the tendency to try to use computers to manage society by watching people. There are many interlocking government plans that do this. Together they mean officials poking into YOUR private life more than ever before.

All the databases could be linked to, or indexed by, the National Identity Register (NIR) that is the main aim of the ‘ID cards’ scheme. Your NIR number would be the key to your whole life. And by “information sharing”, what you tell one public servant could be passed to anyone. The government name: “Transformational Government” sounds nicer — until you understand what is being transformed is not government but its power over you.

Currently the planned systems include:

The list is growing all the time, but NO2ID works with a wide range of other organisations. We are constantly looking for more people who want fight one or other of the the tentacles of the database state, as well as to cut off its head, the NIR.

If you can help, please get in touch by sending an e-mail to office@no2id.net — or, if you can’t give us your time, please help fund the campaign. Every pound that you give will be spent fighting ID cards and the database state.