ID Card Fliers

George Orwell flier A collection of fliers to print and distribute, giving details of the inherent problems of the identity card scheme. Features Winston Smith/George Orwell ID Card

Trifold Leaflet

Trifold leafletA double sided single sheet leaflet detailing our opposition to identity cards. Ideal for handing out in the street!

How to Win

How to Win BookletCoverThe arguments people put in favour of ID cards, why they are flawed, and how to overcome them without alienating people.

Take Jane poster/ad

Take Jane print-ready advert“He says all he needs to do is wait for me to change my address on my ID card. He told me he knows someone he can bribe to find out where we are living. They will fine me £1000 if I don’t get my card updated, so I have no choice – I have to. My caseworker is really worried but there is nothing she can do, I am scared too now. He will find me and try to take Jane”

Download the print-ready PDF of this hard-hitting A4 ad. Great as a poster/flyer for street stalls and windows.

Database Man poster/ad

Database Man posterAnother no-holds-barred ad from Jon, as seen in Parliament. The Home Office have no response – as a denial would, of course, be completely unbelievable.

Download the print-ready PDF. Great as a poster/flyer or for publications and local press if you can arrange placement. NO2ID simply does not have the funds to run ads across the UK, but why not fundraise locally to publish this in YOUR area?

Speak Up mask

Speak Up MaskThe government is stifling debate about identity cards. Stimulate discussion with Matt Buck’s distinctive Speak Up mask.

Simply download the PDF, print out and cut where indicated. Scissors should only be used under the supervision of a sensible adult.

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