Chinese Breach Data of Four Million Federal Workers 1

The Office of Personnel Management is essentially the Human Resources function of the US Government.  The breach is believed to have resulted in the loss of the personal details of up to four million current and former US Government employees.

The breach is the second major breach of US Government networks by China in the past year.  Austin Berglas, a former cyber official at the FBI’s New York field office said in response to the news:

“China is everywhere. They’re looking to gain social and economic and political advantage over the United States in any way they can. The easiest way to do that is through theft of intellectual property and theft of sensitive information.”

One thought on “Chinese Breach Data of Four Million Federal Workers

  • Tom Welsh

    1. This story is being completely misrepresented. The headline should be “US Government Agency Guilty of Criminal Negligence: Fails to Protect Personal Details of Four Million Federal Workers”. Nobody is compelling the Office of Personnel Management to store sensitive data on computers; if it chooses to do so, it has the full responsibility for making that data secure. It has failed egregiously in that duty.

    2. As far as I know, there is NO reliable or objective information that casts suspicion on China in particular. Russia and China are the current “hate objects” of the US government, much like Emmanuel Goldstein in “1984”. MH17 shot down? Must be Putin. Personal data lost? Blame it on China. It’s government policy to stir up popular hatred against Russia and China; and the government wants to avoid responsibility for this latest IT shambles. So why not kill two birds with one stone and put out that “China did it”?

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