Theresa May to Resurrect the Snoopers’ Charter 1

Dan Hyde reports in the Daily Telegraph that Home Secretary Theresa May has indicated that a law to allow snooping on personal email accounts and internet browsing, could be pushed through now that the Conservatives have a parliamentary majority.

Her comments were made in the early hours of Friday morning as the Conservatives appeared to heading for a majority.  Previously the so-called  Snoopers’ Charter had been blocked by the Conservatives coalition partners the Liberal Democrats.

However, with the Conservatives having only a slim majority, Theresa May could potentially still have an up hill struggle to get the controversial measures through.

One thought on “Theresa May to Resurrect the Snoopers’ Charter

  • cloudstarer

    I suggest the folloowing

    1 – use Duckduckgo

    2 – have a look at

    3 – have a look at

    Preferably before these become classed as terrorist materials and the sites blocked by the ‘porn’ filters.

    Once that happens of course then please don’t use these tools as that would be illegal

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