Banning Tor unwise and not feasible, MPs told 2

Kevin Rawlinson reports on the BBC news website that the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), has issued a report which states that banning online anonymity networks such as Tor, would not be technologically feasible.

POST, which provides analysis and advice to MPs on public policy issues related to science and technology also stated that there was:

“widespread agreement that banning online anonymity systems altogether is not seen as an acceptable policy option in the UK”.

The report highlights that anonymity often had legal and socially useful benefits such as protection of whistleblowers. While trying to block such sites would present significant technical challenges, as demonstrated by the difficulties the Chinese government is having with trying to block access to Tor in order to enforce bans on unauthorised websites.

The report contradicts the view of Prime Minister David Cameron, who earlier this year said that law enforcement should be handed the keys to encrypted communications (see previous post here).

The actual POST report entitled “The Darknet and Online Anonymity” can be found here.