Conservative party grass-roots not impressed by David Cameron’s plan to ban encryption

An article on the Conservative Home website written by Andrew Bower is extremely critical of David Cameron’s recently announced plan to ban strong encryption.

In the article, Bower criticises the policy as yielding no security benefits while leaving Britain open to cyber attack and David Cameron’s vision of a Digital Britain in tatters.  He points out that technically it is almost impossible to implement, as encryption algorithms will still exist and can be re-implemented by programmers on all sorts of devices including legacy computers from the 80s.

At the end of the article Bower said:

“This proposal is totally unworkable and cannot survive serious scrutiny.  It will inevitably have to be dropped, so it would be better to drop it now and limit the damage to the reputation of our country and our party”.

Up to the date of this post, the article had received 57 comments with the vast majority opposing David Cameron’s proposal to ban encryption.