Daily Archives: August 14, 2014

Vikram Dodd writes in the Guardian that Sir Peter Fahy the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester has said that the Police want new and expanded rights to access medical records and other confidential data without an individual’s consent. Fahy said that the enhanced access to sensitive data was needed to help Police cope with growing numbers of vulnerable people, such as the elderly, people with dementia, those with drug and alcohol problems and those with mental health problems.   Most controversially though, he said medical professionals should share information about women suffering from domestic abuse, even against the victim’s wishes.

Police want right to see medical records without consent

David Barrett writes in the Daily Telegraph that the Information Commissioner has said lawyers must take step to protect sensitive data paperwork and data.  This follows 15 complaints about data breaches by solicitors and barristers in the last three months. Christopher Graham the Information Commissioner said: “The number of breaches reported by barristers and solicitors may not seem that high, but given the sensitive information they handle, and the fact that it is often held in paper files rather than secured by any sort of encryption, that number is troubling.”

Lawyers must step up data protection measures after series of ...