Daily Archives: July 30, 2014

Sean Gallagher writes on the arstechnica website that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is offering a reward of 3.9 million rubles ($110,000) to any Russian citizen or company that can identify users of  the popular Tor network, which allows internet users to conceal their web browsing activities from much Government surveillance. Gallagher highlights that: Tor has been the constant target of intelligence agencies and other entities seeking to unmask anonymous Internet users. Documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden showed that the NSA and GCHQ made multiple attempts to break Tor users’ anonymity. Malware exploiting a Firefox vulnerability was used to unmask users of “hidden services” on Tor last year and may have been part of an effort by the FBI to crack down on Freedom Host, a Tor server provider, as part of a child pornography case. The  Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has previously sought to […]

Russia offers $110,000 to crack Tor