I’m Terrified of My New TV 1

Michael Price writes on the Brennan Center for Justice website about the privacy issues with internet enabled televisions.

Internet enabled, or “Smart” televisions have become very come in recent years; however, as Price points out the amount of data  collected by these TVs is staggering.  In the case of the TV he has purchased this includes records of the apps used, websites visited and when and for how long you use it.  The TV can also perform facial and voice recognition, the data from which is uploaded to a corporate server.  Little wonder the TV comes with a privacy policy 46-pages long.

Much of the data captured and transmitted by his new TV is stored in the cloud and would be classed as “third party records”, but he highlights that (in the US) there is currently little privacy  protection for such data.

One thought on “I’m Terrified of My New TV

  • Tom Welsh

    Luckily, as with the Internet of Things, we consumers still have one recourse: don’t buy that stuff.

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