Daily Archives: August 24, 2013

The Observer publishes an exchange of letters between Malcolm Rifkind and Henry Porter. Mr Porter opens: Dear Sir Malcolm A few years ago we were on the same panel talking about Labour’s plans for the ID card and the threat to personal privacy that it entailed. You had to leave, so did not hear my words about personal privacy being the defining quality of a free society. I have little doubt you would have agreed with them, for what I said was uncontroversial to any democrat. You were in opposition then. Today, as the Snowden revelations show the extent to which the American and British governments are spying on their citizens, you are sounding a very different note – one that is surprisingly authoritarian for the head of parliament’s intelligence and security committee, which after all is charged with representing the public in the oversight of the secret activities of […]

Henry Porter v Malcolm Rifkind: surveillance and the free society