UK web snoop charter: Just how much extra info do spooks need? 2

The Intelligence and Security Committee (made up of MPs and Peers) has published a redacted version of its report on the draft Communications Data draft Bill. Kelly Fiveash, writing in The Register, analyses the report, and concludes:

The ISC report broadly welcomed May’s draft bill as it reads today, but with some important caveats.

More thought is needed, the committee concluded, in relation to the order-making power laid out in the draft bill to help convince Parliament and the public that the legislation is necessary.

It called for more consultation with CSPs and a better, more detailed explanation of how communications data would be used and what safeguards might be put in place.

Behind the scenes, the Home Office is understood to be busy with a rewrite. This comes after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the government had to go “back to the drawing board” because some of the proposals were considered unpalatable in their current form.

As for the much-contended costs floated by the Home Office, a source close to the situation has suggested to El Reg that the CCDP price tag could hit close to £5bn over the course of 20 years if the legislative overhaul does take flight.

There’s also coverage in The Guardian, ZDnet & V3 (amongst others).

The redacted report itself is available here.