Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

Pulse reports: The Summary Care Record is barely being used in out-of-hours care, with official figures showing that in areas where records have been uploaded, they are accessed for less than 1% of calls. The latest set of Department of Health statistics show there are just 1,800 views of care records each week, even though the number of records being uploaded has now risen to almost exactly 13.5 million. Pulse reported earlier this year that once care records are accessed, around a third of GPs in out-of-hours are changing their prescribing behaviour. But the latest figures indicate that it is very rare for records to be viewed in the first place. The proportion of the population covered currently with Summary Care Records would be expected to make 337,000 out-of-hours calls in the average week. Even if all 1,800 care record accesses were in out-of-hours environments, this would suggest care records […]

Official figures suggest Summary Care Records are consulted for less ...