Daily Archives: April 6, 2012

Peter Kirwan writes for Wired: When Nick Clegg emerged this week to welcome “a debate” about government eavesdropping powers, he resembled a lollypop man trying to direct traffic around Hyde Park Corner. Largely this was because the debate had started without him 72 hours earlier, when the Sunday Times alleged that the government plans to secure “on demand”, “real time” access to communications data flowing across the nation’s IP networks. Most of the traffic charging past Clegg’s stop sign was generated by privacy campaigners. All week, the members of this shoestring army — Big Brother Watch, Liberty, NO2ID, the Open Rights Group and Privacy International — have found themselves quoted endlessly. Their rolling bombardment of a largely inarticulate government has been impressive. Around these campaigners, concern about state surveillance runs right across the political spectrum. David Davis MP, who resigned from David Cameron’s shadow cabinet four years ago to fight […]

The state surveillance debate (or lack of)