May vows to monitor all website use as plans for controversial ‘snoopers’ charter’ are unveiled 7

James Slack writes in the Daily Mail:

Plans for a hugely controversial ‘snoopers’ charter’ giving the police, security services and taxman the power to monitor the public’s every internet click will be unveiled today.

Home Secretary Theresa May is braced for a bruising battle with civil liberties groups, backbench MPs and some internet companies over the so-called Big Brother legislation.

In a significant compromise, hundreds of public bodies, including Town Halls, will be denied any access to the new regime, which critics claim is still unprecedented in the free world.

Other organisations, such as NHS trusts and the Environment Agency, will have to make a case before Parliament if they want to gain access to the communications data.

The only agencies who will be automatically given the new powers are the police, security officials, the new National Crime Agency and HMRC.

The concession is an attempt to win over the many critics of the legislation – which the Home Office has been trying to introduce in a variety of different guises for six years.