Daily Archives: November 16, 2011

Rob Hastings writes in the Independent: At the very time long passport control queues are being blamed as the root cause of the border control scandal, most registration booths for the technology designed to eliminate such waits have been closed with no sign they are to re-open. Iris recognition scanners have been introduced at several British airports in recent years to allow regular fliers to skip queues and reduce overcrowding at security gates. Yet despite the very public spat between Border Agency boss Brodie Clark and Home Secretary Theresa May over how and why security checks came to be watered down to ease three-hour log jams for passengers this summer, seven of the nine facilities for new applicants to sign up for the fast-track system are not open. Three of four offices at Heathrow are closed, as are both at Manchester airport, the solitary one at Birmingham, and one of […]

Iris-scanning registration booths scaled back