Daily Archives: October 20, 2011

Suw Charman-Anderson writes in FirstPost: The focus on returning control and ownership of our personal data to us is growing. In the UK, Mydex is creating Personal Data Stores which will provide a secure centralised location for your details such as address, credit card details, phone number and preferences. Users will choose who they allow to access that information and, when it changes, have only one place to update. The idea is for Mydex to act as an intermediary between users and, for example, utilities suppliers or e-commerce sites. It works on three principles: your personal details are yours. They sit on your side, in your database you can use the same data quickly and easily, again and again. The principle is ‘input once, use many times’ the data you store — and how you share it – is always encrypted, safe and secure. Only you can see your data. […]

Start-ups put your personal data back your hands