Theresa May ‘Suppressed’ Home Office DNA Database Report, Say Labour 6

The Huffington Post reports:

Theresa May suppressed a Home Office report that found changes to the DNA database would make it harder to catch murderers and rapists, according to Labour.

The House of Commons is expected to pass the Protection of Freedom Bill on Monday. Under government’s plans only adults convicted or cautioned will have their DNA stored indefinitely. Those charged but eventually cleared will see their DNA stored for up to five years.

But Labour have said unpublished Home Office research showed that 23,000 people every year, who under Labour’s system would be on the DNA database but under government plans will not be, will commit further offences.

Labour also say the report showed 6,000 of those a year will go on to commit crimes including rape, murder and manslaughter.

The analysis of the Home Office report was conducted by the House of Commons library for shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper.

She said the initial report was given to crime minister James Brokenshire by officials in July 2010, but ministers then chose not to publish its findings.