Without a DNA database these monsters could still be on the streets 11

Martin Philips writes in The Sun:

Thousands of DNA profiles could soon be erased from the police database – despite officers using it to solve countless serious crimes.

A judgement by the European Court of Human Rights ruled that it was illegal for the Government to keep the DNA details of those arrested – but not convicted – for an offence.

But critics say that without the database there would be thousands more unsolved crimes – and cases such as the rape and murder of Sally Anne Bowman would never have been solved.

In the ten years up to 2009 there were more than 304,000 crimes detected where a DNA match played a part.

He then lists “some of the convictions for serious crimes that might not have been solved if the DNA database we have today did not exist.

Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, gets a side-bar comment:

MY concern is that the Government is going in completely the wrong direction on law and order.

I have not yet been aware of any innocent person adversely affected by having their details on the DNA database. Actually, rather than impinge on freedoms, it enhances our freedoms.

The rapists, murderers and other criminals brought to justice by DNA – these people being taken off the street enhances my freedom.

Why on earth the Conservative Party would want to try to take people off the DNA database, Lord only knows.

It is total madness. They are in danger of making a massive mistake.