Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

Denis MacShane writes in The Times: My wonderful national identity card allows free passage without let or hindrance. Nick Clegg, whose mother is Dutch, whose wife is Spanish, and who has lived and worked in Belgium and France, knows all about identity cards. And yet he peddled the pre-election line that they amounted to an assault on British liberty without precedent in our history. Does Nick think the Dutch, Spanish, Germans and so forth are all living in gulags because they have ID cards? But ID cards work. Abolishing them, it now turns out, will save pennies not billions. As terrorism targets travellers, we will, sadly, have to provide more information, whether for passports or ID cards. I accept that an election pledge is an election pledge and this week’s Bill on ID cards is part of the coalition package. But here’s my offer. I will vote for the Bill, […]

I love my ID card. Can they really be taking ...