Daily Archives: June 1, 2010

Lauren Higgs writes in Children & Young People Now: The government has written to all ContactPoint projects confirming that “the idea of a single national IT database for all children has gone for good”. In an email leaked to CYP Now, the government claims the millions of pounds invested in the project so far will not go to waste. “We are scrapping ContactPoint,” the email said. “We will develop better ways of keeping children safe. The investment made won’t be wasted because we can use the technical expertise we’ve acquired to protect those children most in need. But the idea of a single national IT database for all children has gone for good.”

Leaked email reveals further information on ContactPoint plans

According to Contractor UK: The two leading IT contractors on the outgoing national identity cards scheme should emerge relatively unscathed, as their contracts will escape the government’s axe. Speaking last week, the government said ID cards would fold within 100 days for UK citizens, but not for “foreign nationals”, and that biometric passports would remain. The announcement will please CSC, with a £385m contract, whose Application & Enrolment System will be used to issue the passports, and the cards to foreigners. It will also reassure IBM, on a £285m contract for the National Biometric Identity Service, whose storage of biometrics will now be limited to asylum seekers and passports.

ID card contractors escape the axe