Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

Andrew Porter and James Kirkup write in the Daily Telegraph: Both the coalition parties campaigned on a pledge to scrap Labour’s ID card scheme. That promise will be delivered by an Identity Documents Bill. Approximately 13,000 people have already bought ID cards, which were introduced on a voluntary basis last year. The cards – which can currently be used to travel in Europe without a passport – will be invalidated and individuals who paid £30 for them will be forced to purchase a passport instead. Chris Grayling, the former shadow home secretary, had signalled that there would be refunds for cancelled cards. But he was denied the post of Home Secretary, which went instead to Theresa May. The Government will now say that it cannot afford the estimated £500,000 cost of making and administering the refunds at a time when it is announcing £6 billion of cuts.

ID card scheme will be scrapped with no refund to ...