Scrapping ID cards is a momentous step 1

Damian Green MP writes on the Guardian Comment is Free web site:

Today’s final abolition of the intrusive and expensive ID card scheme is the climax of a long campaign that has been extremely close to my heart. I believe civil liberties and values that we should fight to uphold have been under serious threat for some years.

So it is with enormous pleasure that I celebrate as the identity documents bill passes into law and scraps the ability of the state to gather volumes of personal biographical and biometric information from citizens without the data serving any specific purpose or benefit.

One thought on “Scrapping ID cards is a momentous step

  • opsimath

    Well done, on this, if nothing else, to the government, and also to you at no2id for carrying on the fight even when it was thought lost.

    You have every right to enjoy a brief break over the Christmas season before taking up the cudgels again in the never-ending fight for freedom.

    Good on you, sir!

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