Biometric ID check on Scots schoolchildren as young as four 1

Judith Duffy writes in the Daily Express:

Dozens of Scottish schools have introduced “intrusive” biometric systems, such as fingerprinting, to identify pupils as young as four.

New figures show 68 schools are now using technology to manage meals, control library books and even allow access to toilets.

Almost two-thirds are primaries, where fingerprinting and palm recognition can be used to identify young children.

And another 10 schools in Midlothian have the capability for biometric ID but are not yet using it.

Yesterday, critics said the extent which the technology was being used in Scotland’s schools was “worrying”.

Liberal Democrat justice spokesman Robert Brown, who uncovered the figures through Freedom of Information legislation, said: “If the vast majority of Scotland’s schools can let children move round the premises and pay for their lunch without biometric identification, it is difficult to see why it is necessary for these 68 schools. Public bodies have shown in the past that they are not always to be trusted with sensitive personal data.