Entire UK will be on ID database sometime in next 3 millennia 3

Joe Fay, writing in The Register, calculates that at the present rate that ID cards are being issued, it would take at least 136 years before the entire population is recorded in the ID register. However, he concludes:

The ace up the government’s sleeve is that if you don’t want an ID card, you’ll still end up in the ID database if you renew your passport. Hillier said that at present, around 80 per cent of the UK population apply for a passport over a ten year period. Which still raises the question of how the government will get the other 20 per cent – 12 million people – registered.

Hillier added that as of 2012 the government will require people applying for a passport or ID card to submit ten fingerprints for recording in the National ID database. However, she said that “Where an individual is unable to record a full set of ten fingerprints (eg due to an amputation), they will be able to register as many fingerprints as it is possible for them to record”. Excellent news.

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