Daily Archives: September 23, 2009

According to the ZDnet web site: The Conservatives do not go far enough in opposing government surveillance and databases, Liberal Democrat shadow ministers have argued at their annual conference. The party’s home affairs spokesperson Chris Huhne said the Tories were inconsistent. “If the Conservatives are really against the surveillance state, why do they promise to remove the current checks on police surveillance?” he asked the conference in Brighton on Tuesday. The same day saw the party conference vote in favour of A Fresh Start for Britain, a mini-manifesto including a commitment to “remove the bureaucracy of Labour’s centralised command-and-control state, and proliferating quangos and databases”. In a more detailed speech on Sunday, the Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson David Howarth said the Conservatives “only support civil liberties for respectable people”. “It is not enough to campaign about the popular issues: ID cards, the DNA database, the ContactPoint database of all children […]

Lib Dems: Don’t count on Tories over surveillance