Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

According to Kable GC News: A detailed analysis of the National Identity Scheme’s costs for UK citizens by Kable suggests that the £4.95bn cost over 10 years could be reduced by £3.08bn to £1.88bn, if a future government abandoned identity cards, the National Identity Register and fingerprints on passports. The Conservative Party has pledged to cancel the cards and the register, but has not confirmed its view on fingerprints. If retained these on passports, Kable estimates the cost over 10 years would be £2.75bn, saving £2.2bn. Cancelling cards would remove the need to produce them in either case, but cancelling fingerprints in passports would make the application process cheaper, as it could involve sending photographs by post rather than using face-to-face enrolment, according to the research.

Identity scheme cancellation could save £3.1bn