Pharmacy Magazine: Talking Point 4

David Moss writes in Pharmacy Magazine (text, JPG) about Home Office proposals that pharmacists should collect biometrics for the National Identity Scheme. He concludes:

Suppose that 20 per cent of the customers who register their biometrics with you are then informed that they have no right to work. Is that likely to increase the goodwill in your business?

Now back to fingerprinting. Traditional fingerprinting works but that is not what the Home Office is proposing. It is asking you to use a new technology, flat print fingerprinting – a glorified photocopying process. And that, as the UK Passport Service found, fails 19-20 per cent of the time.

If you have spent your working life as a pharmacist building a dignified and confidence-inspiring professional and commercial reputation, you are now being asked to risk all that on a business opportunity with no scientific foundation. A lot of commercial decisions are difficult. This doesn’t look like one of them.