Personal details of 4 million lost by Whitehall in just one year

Christopher Hope writes in the Daily Telegraph:

Sensitive data for more than four million people was lost by Government departments in the past year, on top of the high profile loss of child benefit records.

Following the loss of details for 25 million child benefit claimants in November, Whitehall departments have begun including information on personal information losses in their annual financial statements.

Analysis shows that beyond the child benefit fiasco, Government departments were last year losing data at the rate of more than 300,000 people’s details a month in the year to April it emerged last night.

Some politicians are making the link to government database plans:

The Tories’ shadow Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said: “This shows that the government cannot be trusted to protect people’s personal details.

“Ministers should think again about its even more risky and intrusive projects such as the identity card database, the all-encompassing children’s database and the property database for the council tax revaluation.

“Tougher safeguards are needed to protect the privacy of law-abiding citizens from the government.”