Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

Anna Pickard, writing on the Guardian web site, reviews the video for the Pet Shop Boys’ “Integral”: On a grey London bridge, the camera focuses on a series of pixellated images on posters. The posters change quickly enough to create the illusion of motion. Like a flip book. Or a music video. In the background, commuters hunch against the rain and move in jerky fast-forward, blurred next to the silent, shifting pixels. Yeah! Stick ’em up, punk: it’s the fun lovin’ Pet Shop Boys! When I said “Stick ’em up punk, etc,” what I actually meant was “Stick ’em up Home Office and other government departments involved in the design and implementation of the National Identity Scheme: it’s the disapproving Pet Shop Boys!” But it didn’t roll off the tongue so well. EMI’s press release about the video is here, and the video itself will be avilable via the Pet […]

Pickard of the Pops: Integral