Daily Archives: March 9, 2007

“The Daily Politics” on BBC2 at noon on Friday 9th March carried a segment on ID cards, using their “perception panel” to gauge instant viewer responses to the case for or against. You can watch a recording of the programme online here, but only until noon on Monday 12th March. At no point was the sentiment in favour, and for some of the arguments opinion was running 3:1 against.

BBC “Daily Politics” perception panel

Tash Shifrin writes in Computerworld UK: A huge increase in data sharing between government agencies is a key plank of an immigration rules enforcement strategy published by home secretary John Reid. Earlier this year, prime minister Tony Blair sparked widespread criticism when he proposed greater sharing of individuals’ personal data by public sector bodies – a move that is expected to require changes to data protection legislation. Blair said increased data sharing would improve public services and reduce form filling, but opposition parties and privacy campaigners attacked the plans, while the Information Commissioner’s Office urged “a cautious approach” to avoid “the dangers of excessive surveillance and the loss of public trust and confidence”. But the immigration rules enforcement strategy has put large-scale data sharing back on the agenda. It says the Home Office will “systematically review the effectiveness of our data sharing powers and arrangements with all key partners, and […]

Home Office calls for new data sharing powers