Reid targets illegal immigrants

The BBC reports:

A clampdown has been launched targeting “foreigners [who] come to this country illegitimately and steal our benefits”, home secretary John Reid has said.

The plan is to stop illegal immigrants getting housing, healthcare or work.

It seems that making people produce ID cards to obtain work, public services and housing is part of the plan. “In The News” quotes Mr Reid:

“Introducing biometric ID cards, starting with newly-arrived foreign nationals, will make it easier to ensure fair access to services and stamp out fraud and abuse.”

The BBC summarises the proposals:

‘Watch list’ of people not entitled to public services

Enforcement teams to track down bosses employing illegal workers

Compulsory ID cards for foreign nationals

Text alerts for people overstaying visas

Possible £20,000 fines for landlords housing illegal immigrants

Remove driving licences

Pilot schemes to use ID card data to ensure migrants pay for NHS care