BBC to turn identity card crisis into a drama

Accordiong to Henry Deedes, writing in the Independent’s “Pandora” column, the BBC is “planning a hard-hitting drama series tackling the thorny issue of government ID cards”:

The series, called The Last Enemy, will star upcoming Blood Diamonds actor David Harewood. Set sometime in the near future, the plot centres around grizzly murders carried out with the assistance of ID card theft.

“It’s meant to be an apocalyptic drama,” I’m told. “It’s aiming to paint a pretty depressing picture of the country if ID cards get the nod. I think the idea is that it will be quite Orwellian.”

Either way, the series will aims to cause a stir on the prickly issue, which which may have been the reason the BBC weren’t keen to go into any details.

“The series will be broadcast in five parts which we hope will go out later this year sometime,” says a spokesman for the programme. “ID cards do feature in the plot but it is too early to go into details I’m afraid.”