Daily Archives: July 17, 2005

Also from the Standing Committee debate. The Minister encapsulates the Bill. Alastair Carmichael MP had pointed out that fixing names in the register is difficult when names are so variable, his own being Alexander on his birth certificate: Regarding the legal issues raised by the hon. Member for Orkney and Shetland—something-or-other Carmichael, but that is his business—there are other legal elements in Scottish and English law that need to prevail. The hon. Gentleman should not worry; we will tell him in the end what his name is. Joking? Not very funny, is it?

Mr McNulty on the Bill

The neatest characterisation of the lackadaisical approach being promoted by the Government, in its attempt to draw the powers conferred by the Idntity Card Bill as widely as possible, comes from Edmund Garnier in the Standing Committee debate: The Bill is designed to print across our foreheads a human barcode. Those who do not wish to understand the seriousness of what the Bill represents in terms of the change in the culture and society in which we live are failing in their duties as representatives of the public.

Edmund Garnier QC MP on the Bill