Campaigning in Hampstead High Street

We are the Camden & Islington chapter of the national NO2ID Campaign.

We meet at 8pm on the first Tuesday of each month to plan our work for the rest of the month.

The next meeting is on April 6th at The Kings Head. Contact our co-ordinator Kathy and find out how you can make a difference.

If you would like to help out, welcome and please subscribe to our mailing list.


We are pressing Camden Council to declare that access to its services will not require registration with the national ID scheme. The majority of Camden's councillors belong to parties committed to stopping the ID scheme, so it should be possible to get Camden to join the list of councils that have taken this stand. The London Borough of Camden has long been part of the Labour heartland. Its refusal to cooperate with this major government project will be a notable nail in the scheme's coffin.


February 2010
Letters to Councillors re ID cards and database state
Leader of the Council takes note
Stall at Angel
1200-word 'Viewpoint' article in local press
Letters in local press
'Guinea Pig' leaflets delivered
POWER2010 1st London activists event supported
Protest outside Passport Office on London ID cards roll out
Meeting in Hampstead.
Wide-spread lobbying of Councillors prior to Green Councillors' anti-ID card proposed motion.
Stimulated articles and letters in the Camden Press.
December 2009
Xmas party.
Presence at 'WAVE' Stop Climate Chaos pre-march activities.
Response from Councillor Braithwaite.
Stalls at Angel and Brick Lane.
Presence at Mark Thomas show.
Letter to Cllr. Braithwaite demystifying G. Brown's conference statement on ID cards for the British public.
Stall at Manchester demonstrations.
Stall at Halloween electronic music bash, Vauxhall.
Stall at Angel.
Letter and draft Motion rejecting ID Card Scheme for Camden sent to Councillor Braithwaite of Camden Borough Council.
Stall at Angel.
London-wide stall at Hammersmith.
Completion of draft Motion for Camden Borough council.
Stalls at Edgware and Angel.
London-wide activity and stall at Hammersmith.
Letter in the Press.
Two stalls on separate evenings at the Roundhouse.
Letter in the Press.
Leafleting at Roundhouse, Chalk Farm.
Social with Hammersmith and Fulham Group in Hammersmith.
Hillsiders public meeting on the National Identity Register.
Stalls in Angel and Hackney.
Stall in Hampstead.
Taking the NO2ID pledge.
Letter in the Camden New Journal.
Stall in Islington.