Video and image archive

NO2ID video and image archive

‘Identity’ can be pretty hard to visualise. We’ve collected together some pictures and video clips that may help – please feel free to link to or use them.

If you think you can do better, send us links to your pictures, animations or movies to [email protected].

Freedom Not Fear 2008

‘The Big Picture’ mosaic made out of images of the database state sent in by volunteers from across the UK for international Freedom Not Fear Day, 2008. Report and more pictures on the Open Rights Group website


The Pet Shop Boys ‘Integral’ links to a NO2ID microsite

Stills from Pet Shop Boys 'Integral' video courtesy of The Rumpus Room
Watch the video

Wishing you an ID state Christmas (not)…

…from Matt Buck (Hack)

NO2ID on YouTube

Backstage with the comedians at our 2006 Comedy Benefit

A short film for the Community Channel and BBC Action Network’s ‘Activ8’ project (July 2006)

Watch The Swizz of the Cards by Eclectech

The Swiz of ID Cards
or download the wallpaper.

Eclectech’s infamous Modern Labour Minister

and another wallpaper to download.

ID cards on 18 Doughty

Peter Tatchell interviews Henry Porter about ‘Labour’s Subversion of Liberty’, October 2007

Labour's subversion of liberty

Phil Booth ‘Talking with Tatchell’ about the ID scheme in March 2007

Are ID cards a threat to civil liberties?


Swizz of the Cards - Toto wallpaper
Swizz of the Cards’ Toto wallpaper by Eclectech

Animated NO2ID Logo
sergeantbob’s animated NO2ID logo

Big Brother is watching by Ben Ratigan
Big Brother poster by Ben Ratigan (PDF)

A sign for Tony

David Blunkett is the Imprisoner