Contact NO2ID


General media enquiries can be sent

Members of the press and media, please contact:

  • James Baker, Campaigns Manager
  • Guy Herbert, General Secretary

Newsletter submissions

All articles, upcoming events, and material for the newsletter should be sent.

Website issues

For enquiries/errors about our website, please either raise a ticket, or drop us a note.

You may find the mozilla or Simon Tatham’s guide useful if you’ve not done this before (and want to increase your chances of things getting fixed).

Membership & Affiliation

Membership and affiliation enquiries should be directed.

Local groups

For more information and questions about local groups, please contact or see the Local Groups page for active groups’ contact details.

General Enquiries

For general enquiries, and any matters not specifically covered above, please send your e-mail

Postal correspondence

Please send all postal correspondence to

Company Info

NO2ID is a private company, limited by guarantee, with no share capital, and use of ‘Limited’ exemption. It’s registered in England and Wales with the registration number 06895924. The company’s registered address (by appointment only).

You can find more details via Open Corporates, Duedil, or other such tools.