The draft IP bill: an iceberg

The new draft surveillance bill is like an iceberg, with a vast bulk of technical change obscured beneath the surface. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, presented the Investigatory Powers Bill to parliament as a measure consolidating and updating our investigatory powers, strengthening the safeguards”. But it amounts to a dramatic alteration in the powers already available not just to the intelligence services, but to police, tax inspectors, and officials and regulators in almost every department of state It replaces several pieces of complex and technical legislation. Guy Herbert General Secretary for NO2ID, said: I would have more sympathy for the Home Secretary if she did not resort to glib hypotheticals about kidnapped children. This is not a proposed bill that is easy to understand or straightforward in effect. The much trumpeted change in oversight focuses on a tiny portion of cases, the handful of warrants issued by Secretaries of State […]

ipbill is an iceberg