What we stand for

NO2ID is a campaigning organisation. We are a single-issue group focussed on the threat to liberty and privacy posed by the rapid growth of the database state, of which “ID cards” were the most visible part. We are entirely independent. We do not endorse any party, nor campaign on any other topic. We aim to publicise the case against state control of personal identity among the general public, in the media, and at every level in government. NO2ID’s members are from all sorts of backgrounds and hold all sorts of opinions on other questions. They almost certainly include people much like you. Please support us.

What is the database state?

The ‘database state’ is what we call the tendency to try to use computers to manage society by watching people. There are many interlocking government plans that do this. Together they mean officials poking into YOUR private life more than ever before. All the databases could be linked to, or indexed by, the National Identity Register (NIR) that is the main aim of the ‘ID cards’ scheme. Your NIR number would be the key to your whole life. And by “information sharing”, what you tell one public servant could be passed to anyone. The government name: “Transformational Government” sounds nicer — until you understand what is being transformed is not government but its power over you. Currently the planned systems include: ePassports that help collect data about your travel for… International eBorders schemes that exchange Passenger Name Record information with foreign countries as well as collecting them Recording of all […]