Councils, unions and the nations against ID

A growing number of Councils and other major bodies, such as the Scottish Parliament, and the Welsh and London Assemblies have passed strongly worded motions against ID cards. Many of these will refuse to cooperate with the ID scheme; some have even affiliated to NO2ID. We would encourage you, even if there is not a local group in your area, to lobby your local Councillors to pass a motion against ID cards. You can do this by making an appointment or writing a letter. NO2ID has produced a briefing document for Councillors about the impact of the National Identity Scheme on local government, which you can download (MS Word document). Every Council is different. Don’t forget to speak to Councillors of all parties, not just the one(s) who propose the motion. Lay things on the line — the millions that each Local Authority is going to have to pay to […]