Councils, unions and the nations against ID

A growing number of Councils and other major bodies, such as the Scottish Parliament, and the Welsh and London Assemblies have passed strongly worded motions against ID cards. Many of these will refuse to cooperate with the ID scheme; some have even affiliated to NO2ID. We would encourage you, even if there is not a local group in your area, to lobby your local Councillors to pass a motion against ID cards. You can do this by making an appointment or writing a letter. NO2ID has produced a briefing document for Councillors about the impact of the National Identity Scheme on local government, which you can download (MS Word document). Every Council is different. Don’t forget to speak to Councillors of all parties, not just the one(s) who propose the motion. Lay things on the line — the millions that each Local Authority is going to have to pay to […]

The press advert

TAKE JANE | THE PRESS AD THE BACKGROUND | NOTHING TO HIDE? | WHAT YOU CAN DO You are welcome to download and distribute the printed version of Take Jane. Click on the image to the right to download it is as a 4MB print-ready PDF file. Credits: Take Jane was originally conceived as a press ad by Jon Hinks. Additional copy and design by NO2ID Video direction and production by: Webb Productions Limited Extended script: Dale Webb and Phil Booth Anonymous Woman played by: Sasha Rosevear Thanks to everyone who gave so generously of their time and talents. Broadcast-standard video is available for TV or theatrical performance. Please contact:   THE BACKGROUND | NOTHING TO HIDE? | WHAT YOU CAN DO Please note: NO2ID is campaigning to stop the future being like this, but if you find yourself in the situation Take Jane describes and need help NOW […]

Nothing to hide

TAKE JANE | NOTHING TO FEAR? THE BACKGROUND | WHAT YOU CAN DO | DOWNLOAD “No one should fear correct identification.” — David Blunkett Fans of ID cards often say, if you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. They are naïve. There are lots of good reasons you might want to hide. You may be a woman seeking safety from a former partner [1]. You might be fleeing more general family or community persecution [2]. You might be a political refugee from an overseas government. You might be a witness to crime [3]. You might be someone who has been forced to work for criminals. You might be a former criminal attempting to leave a gang. The ID scheme will make this much much harder — perhaps impossible, if you do not have money and help. All such people are potentially in danger. As are undercover journalists and […]