Website relaunch

We’ve had a slight facelift and overhaul. This has been somewhat overdue, and was maybe our third effort to do something.


This time, however, we’ve actually done it. As more data becomes available, there will be some tweaks. Your feedback (here, through the comments, or via twitter) might also be considered.


The main things are (in no particular order):

  1. Serve all content via HTTPS, thanks to LetsEncrypt
  2. Moved away from a home-brewed legacy system that was only geek-friendly, into WordPress (this should yield more updates)
  3. Migrated various things that were glued together as quick fixes, properly (e.g. the newsblog is now integrated properly. If you use RSS, you might wish to update your links)
  4. A more modern design (to the extent of my design skills); providing a familiar user experience
  5. More graphics, whitespace, and presentation styles: we were very text-heavy before (still some way to go)
  6. Increased social features: to help spread our message
  7. Accepting third-parties do things better, and home-brew is not always the best approach
  8. Making it clearer we only need your email address if you just want to receive our email newsletter1
  9. Content refresh: some of the content on the old site was hideously out of date
  10. Adjusting our tech to deal with various things beyond our control (largely around mail delivery)


In addition to Mythic Beasts, who’ve very generously hosted us for ten years, we’re incredibly grateful to Bytemark for hosting us (we run services with both providers)


The irony of us asking for your name, email address, and physical address was noted.