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Like any campaign we need funds and people. Any help or expertise of any kind you can spare will be most welcome. Most important is to get other people involved and to understand the issues. ID-cards sound innocent. When people know that they (and their children) may be fingerprinted like criminals and will be made to register every change of address with the authorities, their attitude changes. So:-

  1. Tell your friends about the campaign and that you are supporting it. Most people are scarcely aware of the government's ID database project, and few understand the dangers. Feel free to redistribute any of our materials to acquaintances. (Please do introduce it personally and don't spam.) Your personal witness will help others understand that this is important.
  2. Take the NO2ID Pledge and encourage your friends and (adult) family to do so to. Display your copy with pride. Tell them you are not a number.
  3. Let us know if you have time or special expertise that you can give to the organisation or facilities you can lend us. The campaign is getting bigger, but needs to grow some more. Fast. We urgently need any assistance you can offer. We can use any amount of professional creative and marketing expertise as we begin to lift public awareness of the issues, but it would be handy to have reliable people to answer the phone. Volunteer at volunteer@no2id.net
  4. Get together with others in your area to form a local group. A national campaign needs a national network. Our experienced campaigners ( local.groups@no2id.net) are available to help local groups build our nationwide presence. They can tell you how to hold a public meeting, set out your stall locally (literally as well as metaphorically), and how to get other people involved. If you have experience of local campaigns then by all means just start one — we will offer what help we can. Details of forthcoming meetings, when we have them, are posted on the events page. List of existing local groups.
  5. Raise the issue for discussion in any organizations you belong to. Everyone is affected in some way. Encourage any club, union or other group you are in that opposes ID control to become a supporter or affiliate itself.
  6. Write to the local and national press, to express your concerns whenever there is relevant news. Phone-in to appropriate radio and TV programs. There is plenty of information on this website to help you do this.
  7. Write to your MP and MEP expressing your disquiet and ask for their personal opinion. (Big-party MPs in particular sometimes avoid controversial issues, or may pass on your letter to the Home Office rather than answering for themselves.) WriteToThem is a free and confidential way to get an answer. Let us know what they say.

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